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Mountain Cottages

The Mountain Cottages are one of the real-estate features we're quite proud of here at Maggie Valley Club & Resort. These privately owned accommodations are just one example of the premium luxurious lodgings you can find on our property. Designed to bring families together to unwind, the cottages hearken back to a simpler lifestyle. We admit that, among North Carolina mountain golf resorts, the Mountain Cottages are something to behold. The timber-framed architecture, vaulted ceilings, and screened-in porches were always designed to attract owners seeking some rustic comfort in a serene location.

The Cottages are just one example of the accommodations in Maggie Valley, NC that we've made available for private ownership. Purchase one of our real-estate properties and receive in return a full treatment package that encompasses a sports membership, a lifestyle free from property maintenance, and access to all our services and facilities. These include our barbecue area, trails, pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and, of course, our beautiful golf courses. There are also Maggie Valley events throughout the year for owners to enjoy.

For a luxurious change of scenery, consider owning property at Maggie Valley Club & Resort. You'll be happy you did.